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img_0420Dedicating a monument to someone’s life is a grand task both in work and in spirit. When designing a monument we often tell the people of Totowa, New Jersey to search deep within themselves for how they want to remember their loved one. The purpose of a monument is to leave a final resting place for your loved one and to provide closure to all involved. By dedicating a monument to your loved one you are physically building a place that is comfortable for visits. During these visits you will experience emotional progress, closure, and comfort.

Our job at Hiseler Monument Co is to give you the guidance so desperately needed during this difficult time. There are many different questions that you have to ask yourself when designing a monument and we have the answers. Is there a specific quote or bible verse you would like on the monument? Is there a color or characteristic of your loved one you would like represented? Is there a symbol or emblem that has importance to your loved one? There is quite literally an endless amount of possibilities for customizing your monument. If you have any questions about monuments feel free to contact us at Hiseler Monument Co.

Memorials In Totowa, NJ

The loss of a loved one changes our lives forever. We are left with a gaping hole in our hearts and even then we must tackle the job of choosing how we would like to remember this person. Totowa, New Jersey is home to some of the finest memorials ever crafted. These breathtaking dedications are always a thoughtful, and heartwarming choice for your loved one. Memorials are often chosen to honor the lives of those who were part of a particular service or organization. These often include police officers, military personnel, religious officials, or community leaders. That being said a memorial is not out of the question for your loved one, in fact this choice is very common. With so many options to pursue this choice is sure to do justice your lost loved one.

Flat headstones are often called ground stones, or grave stones. They are very small but are extremely popular because there is valuable room left on the plot for other family members so that they may rest together.

Obelisks are tall memorials that tend to be rectangular at the base. Many people adore these memorials because they point directly into the clouds giving a very proud appeal. In fact those who choose to cremate their loved ones often prefer this memorial because they can adorn the urns at the top of the memorial.

Slant markers are made of granite and are enjoyed because of the 45 degree angle they are directed in.  The angle has a viewpoint which looks absolutely astonishing when outfitted with text or pictures. The sunlight casts a prestigious shine down into the words which stands out marvelously.

These are just some of the wonderful memorials we offer. We know that you are likely in a time of distress right now and that’s why we would like to offer our services. Designing and choosing a memorial is no easy task but we are here to help.

Bronze Plaques In Totowa, NJ

scan47During the aftermath of losing a friend or family member there are many questions left lingering in your head. It becomes unbearably difficult to deal with these roaming thoughts on top of the wake, funeral, and burial arrangements. Hiseler Monument Co is well aware of all of this and prides itself on giving you direct access to the answers for all your questions.

scan62A bronze plaque is a humble choice for any monument. These bronze plaques are typically small in size and are placed down on the ground facing up. The bronze base for the plaque gives a sense of class and respect as it glimmers across the plot. In most cases the plaque becomes the main location for any text, pictures, or engravings on the monument. The plaque itself will capture the attention of anyone who passes by it. Although oxidation is a slight issue bronze tends to be a very long lasting base for any monument. With routine maintenance and care it is entirely easy to keep this monument as beautiful as the day you first saw it. If you have any questions on our bronze plaques feel free to call Hiseler Monument Co today.

Mausoleums In Totowa, NJ

Due to the large size of mausoleums there is a huge amount of space for inscriptions, etches, pictures, quotes, bible verses, sculptures, accents, and plaques. We tell all of our client’s that when constructing a mausoleum the exterior should be designed how you want the world to remember your loved one while, the interior should be designed the way you want to remember them.

Mausoleums have always been considered a grand tribute and have soared in popularity through the years. These massive crypts typically hold members across the entire family as time goes on. Similar to the family plot burial system many revere our mausoleums because they distinctly offer a great deal of comfort. This comfort stems from the idea that even after life you will be with your family. Most mausoleums will be constructed out of granite due to its extremely durable nature. Granite is capable of handling the weather throughout the entire year. Bronze which may be used for plaques or highlights suffers from less durability and oxidation over time.  Although mausoleums seem like a gargantuan task it is not the construction or the designing that takes time. It is obtaining all the necessary permissions first in order to give this monument its home.

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