Bronze Plaques In Totowa, NJ

scan47During the aftermath of losing a friend or family member there are many questions left lingering in your head. It becomes unbearably difficult to deal with these roaming thoughts on top of the wake, funeral, and burial arrangements. Hiseler Monument Co is well aware of all of this and prides itself on giving you direct access to the answers for all your questions.

scan62A bronze plaque is a humble choice for any monument. These bronze plaques are typically small in size and are placed down on the ground facing up. The bronze base for the plaque gives a sense of class and respect as it glimmers across the plot. In most cases the plaque becomes the main location for any text, pictures, or engravings on the monument. The plaque itself will capture the attention of anyone who passes by it. Although oxidation is a slight issue bronze tends to be a very long lasting base for any monument. With routine maintenance and care it is entirely easy to keep this monument as beautiful as the day you first saw it. If you have any questions on our bronze plaques feel free to call Hiseler Monument Co today.