Mausoleums In Totowa, NJ

Due to the large size of mausoleums there is a huge amount of space for inscriptions, etches, pictures, quotes, bible verses, sculptures, accents, and plaques. We tell all of our client’s that when constructing a mausoleum the exterior should be designed how you want the world to remember your loved one while, the interior should be designed the way you want to remember them.

Mausoleums have always been considered a grand tribute and have soared in popularity through the years. These massive crypts typically hold members across the entire family as time goes on. Similar to the family plot burial system many revere our mausoleums because they distinctly offer a great deal of comfort. This comfort stems from the idea that even after life you will be with your family. Most mausoleums will be constructed out of granite due to its extremely durable nature. Granite is capable of handling the weather throughout the entire year. Bronze which may be used for plaques or highlights suffers from less durability and oxidation over time.  Although mausoleums seem like a gargantuan task it is not the construction or the designing that takes time. It is obtaining all the necessary permissions first in order to give this monument its home.