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img_0420Dedicating a monument to someone’s life is a grand task both in work and in spirit. When designing a monument we often tell the people of Totowa, New Jersey to search deep within themselves for how they want to remember their loved one. The purpose of a monument is to leave a final resting place for your loved one and to provide closure to all involved. By dedicating a monument to your loved one you are physically building a place that is comfortable for visits. During these visits you will experience emotional progress, closure, and comfort.

Our job at Hiseler Monument Co is to give you the guidance so desperately needed during this difficult time. There are many different questions that you have to ask yourself when designing a monument and we have the answers. Is there a specific quote or bible verse you would like on the monument? Is there a color or characteristic of your loved one you would like represented? Is there a symbol or emblem that has importance to your loved one? There is quite literally an endless amount of possibilities for customizing your monument. If you have any questions about monuments feel free to contact us at Hiseler Monument Co.