Memorials In Totowa, NJ

The loss of a loved one changes our lives forever. We are left with a gaping hole in our hearts and even then we must tackle the job of choosing how we would like to remember this person. Totowa, New Jersey is home to some of the finest memorials ever crafted. These breathtaking dedications are always a thoughtful, and heartwarming choice for your loved one. Memorials are often chosen to honor the lives of those who were part of a particular service or organization. These often include police officers, military personnel, religious officials, or community leaders. That being said a memorial is not out of the question for your loved one, in fact this choice is very common. With so many options to pursue this choice is sure to do justice your lost loved one.

Flat headstones are often called ground stones, or grave stones. They are very small but are extremely popular because there is valuable room left on the plot for other family members so that they may rest together.

Obelisks are tall memorials that tend to be rectangular at the base. Many people adore these memorials because they point directly into the clouds giving a very proud appeal. In fact those who choose to cremate their loved ones often prefer this memorial because they can adorn the urns at the top of the memorial.

Slant markers are made of granite and are enjoyed because of the 45 degree angle they are directed in.  The angle has a viewpoint which looks absolutely astonishing when outfitted with text or pictures. The sunlight casts a prestigious shine down into the words which stands out marvelously.

These are just some of the wonderful memorials we offer. We know that you are likely in a time of distress right now and that’s why we would like to offer our services. Designing and choosing a memorial is no easy task but we are here to help.